CSS - Club Spotrif Sfaxien

The Taïeb-Mehiri Stadium

Based in Sfax, one of the most important sports centers of the country, the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium is the main stadium of the city. Built in 1938 and bearing the name of the former interior minister, it presents the oldest stadium in Tunisia.

Elected home of the Club Sportif Sfaxien, the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium has been renovated many times and now has a capacity of 12,600 seats. Although designed for the practice of several sports, the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium is most often associated with football.

A strategic location

Located in the second largest city and economic center of Tunisia, Taïeb-Mehiri Stadium enjoys a privileged location in Sfax. Indeed, it is situated 1.5km away from the port of Sfax where 70% of the Tunisian seafood export takes place and 9km away from the international airport of Sfax-Thyna.

In addition, only 3.5km separate the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium from the Taparura City project, an urban tourist project that was launched in 2008 and which will include residential areas in addition to commercial and tertiary centers.

A vanguard stadium

Since 2014 and thanks to the efforts of Socios enthusiasts and passionate members of the Club Sportif Sfaxien, the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium is the first Tunisian stadium to be equipped with LED panels.

Its lawn surrounded on all three sides by LED panels; the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium allows the projection of the commercial in all clarity, which is still impossible in other Tunisian stadiums whose sports clubs owner, still use canvas-advertising tarpaulins.

Adopting advanced technologies while following the footsteps of major international teams, the CSS has an advantage over other Tunisian football clubs.

A richly equipped stadium

The Taïeb-Mehiri stadium has a complete equipment offering favorable conditions for players and team staff as well as supporters and journalists. Indeed, the stadium puts at your disposal a weight room, a lounge of honor, 16 lodges spread over two cloakrooms and comply with international dimensions.

A computer room and a press conference room complete the set with equipment well suited to the media. These rooms offer journalists the most advantageous conditions in order to allow them to carry out their missions in all serenity.

In addition to the two additional sports fields for home training sessions, the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium has also two car parks: an indoor dedicated to match officials and another outside reserved for fans.

A host stadium of significant events

Selected in 2004 to host the African Cup of Nations Football, the Taïeb-Mehiri stadium has been elected host of several games in many times in its history. The stadium has been the venue of the biggest sporting events for years, where it has hosted historic matches with memorable moments, all accompanied by lively cornering vocals!