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CSS Athletics Team

More and more numerous, CSS’s athletes continue to honor their club with victories won both nationally and internationally. Men and women in all five categories are all ready for the challenge in various athletic games.

Indeed, medals say a lot about CSS’s athletes’ victories, especially those of Habiba Ghribi and Nada Chroudi. Former cadet of CSS and world champion in athletics in 2011 and Olympic Games in 2012, Habiba Ghribi has become officially a CSS athlete since March 2016.

Nada Chroudi, who became Tunisia's heptathlon champion in 2016, managed to break the national record in this sport.


Categories School Minimes Cadets Juniors Seniors Total
Men 85 66 39 18 13 221
Women 88 47 31 16 5 187
Total 173 113 70 34 18 408

Technical staff

  • Moez Ben Miz
  • Ahmed Feki
  • Sourour Chaari
  • Yosra Naffeti
  • Kamel Souissi
  • Zied Jlali

Medals won (Season 2016/2017)

  • Gold medals: 11