CSS - Club Spotrif Sfaxien

CSS boxing team

CSS’s boxers do not stop to honor their club nationally and internationally. In junior category as well as senior category, CSS athletes excel more and more on boxing rings to enrich their trophy corners.

This combat sport in Tunisia has experienced triumphs signed by "Blacks and Whites" on many occasions in 2016 whether on regional or national level. CSS has been truly honored through the efforts of its team of female cadets, female juniors, female seniors and male seniors.

Best athletes

  • Siwar Hadhi
  • Amal Abdessalem
  • Aya Ben Brahim
  • Safa Gargouri

Medals won (Season 2016/2017)

  • Gold medals: 3
  • Silver Medals: 2
  • Bronze medals: 4

CSS Kickboxing team

In addition to boxing, Kickboxing has also its place in CSS. Belonging to percussion combat sports, kickboxing is declined in several disciplines all based on the techniques of leg and arm, sweeping actions and projection techniques.

Indeed, CSS’s athletes practice Thai boxing, full contact, low-kick and Savate (French boxing). Thai boxing or muay-thai is a foot and fist boxing that has its origins in Thailand and is based on barefoot combat.

Low-kick is a form of kickboxing that relies on techniques of low kicks unlike full contact.

Bringing 47 license-holders, divided into 32 men and 15 women, CSS kickboxing team was able to honor the club by its brilliant victories. In fact, Ibtissem Smii was named Tunisia's best athlete in full contact in 2017. In the same year, Ahlem El Ghoul was also named the best athlete of Tunisia in low-kick.

Medals won (Season 2016/2017)

  • Gold medals: 37