CSS - Club Spotrif Sfaxien

The CSS sport's Complex, for a perfect club life!

The Club Sportif Sfaxien provides its staff with a well-equipped structure in order to offer favorable conditions for the staff and members of the team to cohabit, train, and entertain.

Featuring a beautifully glazed facade with the CSS logo, the resort has a prestigious reception hall that can only look like a luxurious building worthy of the name of the CSS.

In addition to the administrative block that houses the 10 administration offices, the CSS complex offers team members the appropriate spaces for cohabitation, training and leisure.

A neat and complete infrastructure

The CSS complex is spread over two spaces: a covered space and another blank, reserved for the training center for young "CSS players".

Indeed, the covered space includes a large reception room and a custom-made refreshment bar located on the ground floor. It also houses the administrative block which, located on the first floor, includes 9 offices:

  • The general direction office
  • The President's Office
  • The administrative and financial management office
  • The commercial and media department office
  • The Department of Human Resources Management office
  • The Department of the General Secretariat office
  • The logistics department office
  • The order desk office
  • The Veterans Office
  • The Socios Administration office

The hotel and the bus shelter are also located within the complex and are available to the players of the CSS to offer them all the necessary amenities for their comfort and fulfillment.

The CSS store is also present on the territory of the complex. Its doors are open to the public; the shop offers a wide variety of items for men, women and children!

A luxurious and comfortable living space

Within the CSS complex, the staff of the club benefit from a sumptuous residence, which offers them all the necessary conditions of physical and moral comfort. With 34 luxurious rooms and 4 suites, the residence provides a total of 88 seats.

Well-appointed, the residence has comfortable bedrooms and living rooms decorated in a contemporary and elegant style. A prayer room, a TV room, a laundry area and spacious dressing rooms are also available to the entire team, in addition to showers and lockers with many amenities.

To all this is added a restaurant with a large capacity of 200 people per menu, that offers a varied gastronomy to the entire team. Balanced dishes, nutritious dishes and delicious recipes are waiting to delight the taste buds of the staff of the CSS but especially to keep them in good shape!

Richly equipped training facilities

The Club Sportif Sfaxien’s complex offers the Blacks and Whites training areas equipped with the high-end equipment. Indeed, CSS players enjoy 4 football fields in addition to a covered room dedicated to other sporting activities.

We distinguish the field Milan Kristić, led by CSS-SA, which is a six-a-side field of fourth-generation artificial grass. In addition, there are two fourth-generation artificial grass fields reserved for young "CSS players" and another field of natural grass.

Certainly, the physical condition of players is a major concern of the CSS. Thus, a well-equipped weight room is at the service of the seniors of football, basketball, volleyball and individual sports athletes to help them contribute to a harmonious muscular development.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, the weight room allows specific training programs that obviously increase endurance, speed and power among athletes.

Rooms enjoying from high technology equipment

The latest technology is at the service of the team within the CSS complex, always in order to improve its performance and multiply its victories.

In fact, in addition to the meeting room named after the late Abdelkader Daou, the CSS complex has two prestigious conference and viewing rooms, all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Thus, the CSS’s staff benefit, among others, from a modern viewing means that allow them to better analyze the played games.

This comes down to extracting the different characteristics of modern football such as mileage values, sprints’ number, etc. Viewing also helps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent but also to observe and correct the mistakes of the CSS team itself, already committed.

Physical health is a priority in the philosophy of the CSS

The consequences of an accident occurring during a sports activity are likely to worsen further if one does not intervene urgently to apply the proper care techniques. It is in this context that a physiotherapy room is present within the CSS complex and has the means and devices necessary for any medical intervention.

Equipped with a high-end equipment provided by the Socios CSS, the physiotherapy room greatly facilitates the tasks of the medical and paramedical services of the CSS and allows to react effectively and at the right time in case of a sporting activity’s accident.

A custom-made cultural and entertainment area

The need for the presence of a cultural space in the CSS complex is due in particular to the frequent communication problems with foreign players. Thus, the CSS puts at the disposal of the whole team a cultural cell well equipped and which perfectly fulfills their needs.

High-end computer equipment, a library of documents and a collection of documentary films are available to allow players learn about good communication techniques but also about the best practices of fitness.

The films will also show stories about famous sports figures around the world in order to give motivating examples especially to the youngest players. Entertainment areas are also available, including two recreation rooms and a private club, to allow players enjoy an exceptional relaxing atmosphere.