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CSS Socios, let's grow together!

Socios CSS is a network of Club Sporitf Sfaxien’s supporters who have chosen to support their club not only with slogans but also with real facts. Created in 2008, Socios CSS has now more than 6,000 members.

This large number of supporters, being in permanent evolution, is today behind the great achievements in favor of the training center of young CSS players. The Club Sportif Sfaxien owes a lot to the Socios CSS network, from which it receives a great deal of support both financially and morally.

The Socios network, an international model

Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona FC, Benfica .... and the Club Sportif Sfaxien joins the list! Indeed, the CSS has chosen to go with the mainstream and do like all major international sports teams. It created his own Socios network in 2008 and became the first club to adopt this concept on the national and Arab level.

As the popularity of a sports club is proportional to the number of its Socios adherents, the network Socios CSS has managed, in a few years, to give an image worthy of the name of the CSS thanks to the great mass of supporters who substain the club in Tunisia and abroad.

Socios CSS, Ad Vitam Eternam

Adhering to Socios CSS is believing in the "Ad Vitam Eternam" philosophy, this nearly mysterious code that only Socios can decrypt and reveal its meaning!

Indeed, the Socios CSS was born to create this "vital" communication between the club and its supporters that will last until eternity. The network offers both parties a win-win relationship that can be summarized in just three key words: Loyalty, Pride and Honor.

The Socios CSS has also opened its doors to liberal professionals and businesses and proposes a new membership formula: Socios Entreprises. Thus, it has managed to further expand its fan base in recent years.

For a decade, Socios CSS has played a key role in the development of the financial club's capital, in addition to mentoring and encouraging young players from the CSS training center.

The network of CSS supporters was also behind the creation of the Socios Academy Tunis as well as the academy of chess. These two initiatives are part of an effort to enrich the activities of the Club Sportif Sfaxien.

CSS Socios at the service of the CSS

Since it was founded in 2008, the Socios CSS network has not stopped investing in small and large projects; all for the superior good of the Club Sportif Sfaxien. Achievements already accomplished and others to come say a lot about this investment.

Indeed, millions of dinars from CSS supporters have been spent on the acquisition of a glorious bus for the club, the installation of innovative LED signs in the Taïeb Mehiri stadium, the creation of a well-equipped weight room, the purchase of materials and equipment for all athletes and especially young players, etc.

This list is far from being exhaustive ! The Socios CSS is always focused on fulfilling the needs of the Club Sportif Sfaxien and intends to launch highly rated projects. These projects include the creation of a sports hall, the extension of administrative headquarters, the redevelopment of two playgrounds in sports complex and many other missions within a few years.

Fueled by the passion of thousands of CSS supporters, Socios CSS is now the excellent right-hand structure of the Club Sportif Sfaxien!

Socios Days

The celebration of the milestones in the CSS’s history is at the heart of Socios CSS’s concerns. This is how the 90th anniversary of the Club Sportif Sfaxien could not have gone unnoticed, especially if it coincides with the first decade of Socios CSS.

Indeed, the Socios CSS has chosen to celebrate these two anniversaries with dignity and set a whole week for this: Socios days. These days, which took place between March 12 and 18 of the year 2018, revealed a rich and diversified program.

Of course, during the Socios Days, Sfax enjoyed a festive and enjoyable atmosphere and became the destination of a number of national and international celebrities and experts. The city of Sfax was a host to several events namely the event "Sfax tkawer", the international fair of sport, leisure and health and the international conference. As expected, all this was crowned by the famous gala match!

"Sfax tkawer", which means "Sfax plays football", is an event that brought together 64 teams from the region's colleges in a football tournament whose final was held on March 17, 2018 at Taïeb Mehiri stadium, just before the friendly international meeting.

This famous encounter between football stars who marked the history of Blacks and Whites to the Blues, world champions in 1998. Of course, the old CSS players like Hamadi Agrebi and Sami Trabelsi as well as old French footballers like Lilian Thuram, Laurent Blanc and Eric Abidal were there to inflame the stadium!

The representation of the big brands of sporting goods in the international fair was also there in Socios days ; not forgetting the international conference under the theme "the new sources of professional football’s funding (the Socios as a model)", which was enriched by the contributions of leading experts such as Moncef BelKhayat (Morocco), Oke Göttlich (Germany), Bertrand Desplats (France), etc.

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