CSS - Club Spotrif Sfaxien

CSS Judo team

The judo team of the CSS has constantly evolved since its creation and has shone in various local and African competitions over the last few years. Currently having 140 members, the team gathers well-trained judokas from their early age.

Indeed, competent and experienced coaches have been responsible for instilling in the CSS’s judokas, not only the passion of this Japanese sport but also its most powerful techniques.

Mastering the best physical, mental and moral techniques, the CSS’s judokas have managed to honor the CSS on many occasions such as the Tunisia Judo-Kata championship (seniors) in 2016, the African judo championship in 2016 & 2017 and the National Youth Judo Championship in 2017.


Categories Male Female Total
Minimes B 59 30 89
Minimes 15 8 23
Cadets 12 4 16
Seniors 8 4 12
Total 94 46 140

The most crowned judokas

  • Farid Trabelsi
  • Ramzi Trabelsi
  • Amal Elleuch
  • Manel Loudhini
  • Sami Makni

Medals won (Season 2016/2017)

  • Gold medals: 11
  • Silver Medals: 5
  • Bronze medals: 7